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The Waylon James Foundation (WJF) was founded to support people who are struggling with the challenges of everyday life.  We offer life-skills training, personal mentoring and development tools to help them move from survival mode to thriving. As each one of these amazing people find life brighter, they in turn can help others in their families, communities and the world around them to thrive.


We Need Your Help


The mission of the Waylon James Foundation is to create a better world by lifting up communities. We do this through our vision of a society where everyone thrives. So, by helping individuals thrive, communities begin to thrive and as these communities continue to thrive, our world becomes a better place for everyone.

Services Offered

Giving a Speech


Individuals can apply to participate in our core curriculum designed to help:

  • Develop interpersonal skills

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs

  • Cultivate Happiness

  • Enjoy life

  • Thrive

Fees for this program are based on an individuals ability to pay.  Full scholarships are available.  Apply today.

Support Group Session


Apply to get into our mentorship program.  The Waylon James Foundation will connect participants with a trained mentor to help you live a life of fulfillment on your terms.

No one can tell you the exact path to your happiness and fulfillment.  The right mentor will help you find and stay on the path that helps you get where you want to go.


Speaking Events

We provide motivational speaking to schools, businesses, civic organizations and more!

If you want to help your team or community become the best it can be, then bring in one of our presenters to help individuals on your team develop:

  • A positive self-image

  • Self-confidence

  • Resiliency

  • Perseverance

  • A positive outlook on life

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Training & Development For clients in need

Fees for programming are based on an individual's ability to pay and we rely on your generous donations to help ensure everyone has access to our life-transforming programs.


College Scholarships

Waylon only attended two schools- Willow River and St. Francis.  Each year The WJF is committed to providing two scholarships at each school for students entering a mental health curriculum at the college of their choice.



To better serve our clients, attract donors, volunteers and other supporters, we need help with hardware and software to complete our mission.  Specifically we need:

  • Computers/Tablets

  • Supporter database software

  • Hardware for multi-media presentations