Waylon James Foundation

On November 12th 2019 (just one month after his 17th birthday) our founder’s son Waylon tragically died by suicide.

Unfortunately, through this tragedy, his family was forced to discover the horrendous breakdown in mental healthcare and became a part of the suicide epidemic that is plaguing today’s youth.

From that moment on we felt obligated to do something in order to prevent another family from ever having to experience what Waylon's family faced (both before and after his death.) We were compelled to try and make a difference.

The Waylon James Foundation was established to support the families of teens who are struggling, by helping them find hope for their future and confidence in their ability to manage the many challenges they will face.

We offer life skills training, support groups, and educational programming to help them transition from barely surviving to a life of thriving.


As each of these individuals discovers hope, they in turn can provide help and hope to others around them in their communities.


It is our mission to change people’s lives through LOVE… COMPASSION… and HOPE.



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